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Feb 16, 2011 9:00am EST
there and everything that went on with president obama's visit to funding in the schools and, of course, we will find out what's going on at dickey elementary. >> and you've seen the video of the los angeles television report here began speaking jibberish from a live shot. what caused it? some say it was nerves and others a medical mystery. a doctor will be in weighing in on what it could be and laying a little bit of logic to what could have happened. >>> twenty two years the postal service has gone through collecting mail and delivering mail and getting canned goods for people in the community. it's a great food drive and it benefits the maryland area. we will tell you how to get involved. everybody has a can of beef they are not going to eat or something that someone can benefit from. we will tell you how to get involved and help out. not only the u.s. postal service but people in the community. >>> time to go to the hot topic. we are talking about cell phones and driving and the texting and riding. this went into effect in october you can no longer send or receive text while driving. now the seco
Feb 14, 2011 9:00am EST
celebrity you want to date up to president barack obama. >> absolutely. president obama is at parkville middle school. we will check with sherrie johnson and we look forward to her report. also ahead this morning, a lot of you cook. that's a nice valentine's gift. so how about chicken that's probably in your kitchen will we will learn,000 pound chick en. >> yardbird is a universal white mea. and carl delmont will be in with mortgage monday. and dick ellwood is a retired baltimore city detective. and the name of the book is cop stories. the few, the proud, the ugly. i met with him last week and he had a grade great story about the book he wrote. we will share that coming up in few moments. >> before that, let's get to the weather with justin berk. and it was so nice out yesterday. >> yes, it's going to be so windy today. and that's the issue. it's going to be warm. we will pick off the -- wick off the weekend mantra and we will fill it back towards the second of the week. it's going to be a little warmer our pick day is not the warmest day. and it has to do with a little wind and maybe s
Feb 17, 2011 9:00am EST
reporter injured overseas this time in egypt. president obama called cbs news correspondent lara logan after it was revealed she was sexually assaulted. he spoke to her to express concern for her condition. in the meantime, though, the story took a weird twist. free lance journalists and former nyu's center of law and security seemed a make jokes and inappropriate things about logan on his twitter page. one of the first tweets was "lara logan had to outdo anderson and provided a link to the statement about the severity of the attack. he went to tweet later yes, it's wrong what happened to her of course don't support that, but it would have been funny if the same thing happened to anderson too. later, he apologized saying f it i apologize for being insensitive but i am rolling my eyes at all the attention she will get. rosen resigned from nyu. after all this came about, he was actually on anderson cooper which was interesting since a lot of the tweets were about anderson cooper speaking about this e said he didn't know it was a sexual assault. it's hard to believe that because he's jour
Feb 21, 2011 9:00am EST
. >> the fha changing again. >> once again. >> it has been released. back in august, president obama passed a law that gave fha a little more broad authorities. this law gives authorities regarding insurance premium to help them get to the 2% cap ratio. but now they want to raise it october 4th and now they will race annual insurance premium a quarter point. the average person is going to spend $30 more. my cal lieu lations will be higher but i will -- cal lieu lations will be -- calculations will be higher. >> what do you think. >> 60 or $70. they are using a smaller loan val and i am talking about people in our viewer pact. that's going to raise $3 billion for fha. you can see why they are doing it. but in the market, we are trying tone courage homeownership and we have shadow inven tory. raising rates and again, 30 dollars a month is going to make you not buy a house, maybe that's the logic but it adds to the cost because things are going up to add additional things to owning a home. >> usda has changes. >> yes. usda is 100% financing based on where the property is located and it has low
Feb 2, 2011 9:00am EST
. they are clashing with the president's supporters. the president obama weighed in on the side of the opposed saying saying the transition must begin now. but he is holding firm vowing to die in egypt. we have a reporter in the middle of it and tells us the military which said they wouldn't confront protesters are now calling on them to go home. >> reporter: it's the morning after in liberation square. and people seem to be sleeping off their political hangover. protesters are guarding the gates to the seat of the new activism. today it's also to keep out groups of mubarak supportersspringing up around the city. once through the barricade, we can see a very different energy here. it's much, much thinner on this morning after. people are wake up to the news of what they have forced their president to do. after just one week of protests. he pledged to leave office just not yet. the atmosphere the day after is very different. the crowds are thinner, but the signs are saying game over. the question is, then, how much will be enough?you think he should go right now. >> he should go now. now. he should go
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5